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An integrated cloud-based CFD workflow

Your account gets you access to a comprehensive CFD workflow based entirely on the cloud and accessible via your browser or VNC connection.

Meshing on our Pointwise® engine is straight forward and comes equipped with automated meshing capabilities.

Solving on our EXN/Aero engine leverages the power of Nvidia GPU and Intel CPU resources to reduce simulation times by up to 20x.

Post processing is done in the cloud or by downloading the results and using your own post processing tool.

Our workflow runs on the platform and pricing is always on-demand. Workflow elements can be powered up and shut down with a couple of clicks, and unified storage means you never need to wait to move data around. We want to enable you to maximize your use of CFD to get the most accurate results when needed.

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The platform includes a meshing tool, the solver, and a post-processing tool, and plenty of storage for your files. There are a range of on-demand compute options available to users, allowing you to scale your simulation work on the fly.

The simulation platform is an easy to learn environment where you can tab between different parts of the CFD workflow. Your file storage is persistent between all aspects of the workflow and between sessions.

Direct engineering support is included in your subscription, meaning you can talk directly with our CFD engineers to resolve any issues you’re having.

Key Features

  • Steady State & Transient
  • Synthetic turbulence generation for LES
  • Time Parallelization
  • Direct quadrature dispersed phase
  • Ideal gas models, buoyancy
  • Heat transfer
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • High speed & compressible flow
  • Arbitrary mesh connections (many to many)
  • Buoyancy driven flows
  • Overset mesh
  • Hybrid mesh topology – structured / unstructured
  • Mixed mesh precision – single/double
  • CGNS database format for input & output
  • 3rd party mesh compatibility (Pointwise, ICEM Hexa/Tetra, enGrid)
  • Dynamic load balancing and resource usage optimization
  • Data output in VTK & CGNS format

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Am I sacrificing accuracy to achieve faster solution times?

Absolutely not! The solver has been tested against a long list of industry leading validation cases to make sure every numerical model is accurate. Anytime the solver is updated, we re-run our existing cases to check accuracy.

What do I need to use this simulation platform?

All you need is your browser and some input files (geometries or mesh files). Our platform calls on high performance computing resources for the simulations.

Do I need to entirely switch from my current software?

The best part of our pricing model is that it’s pay-as-you-go, meaning you can use this for specific simulations until you’re happy with it. This is a great tool to run all of the simulations you can’t currently do with your existing setup.

Will it take long to learn how to use this?

Not at all, it’s a very familiar interface as other commercial products and most users are able to get going within a few hours of working with it. Our CFD engineers provide hands on training and support is included in your subscription.

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