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Envenio was incorporated in response to a significant shift in computer hardware design and the wider CFD industry toward low-cost, powerful computing architectures. It started as a research project in collaboration with Canada’s Department of Defense. They were looking for a way to simulate large, complex problems in short time windows. After the project completed, they asked if we would commercialize the CFD software product so they could continue to use it.

The founders of Envenio use computational tools every day in one of the most demanding applications – Computational Fluid Dynamics. CFD is used in many industries, from automobile, aircraft and cruise ship design, to wind farm and ocean energy feasibility, to sail-racing yacht prototyping.

It was apparent that the hardware trends were creating an opportunity for a business that would serve industry needs. These needs included more rapid, higher accuracy engineering and scientific computer simulations – a company that would aid them in transitioning from hardware architectures of the past.

Envenio develops cost-effective, efficient CFD software solutions for engineering teams and CFD service providers of varying sizes. Whether large corporations or CFD freelancers, we enable users to participate in the underdeveloped high-end simulation space. Businesses can undertake high-value projects that were not previously feasible.

Our commitment to making CFD software more accessible is reflected in EXN/Aero‘s unique pricing structure and on-demand model. In a break from conventional methods, the software requires no costly or lengthy license investment. This has enabled businesses of all sizes to utilize the benefits of high performance software as and when required, allowing for better cash flow and quick expansion in their capabilities. Hosted in the cloud, engineers can now run simulations using only a browser, activating high performance super-computing resources quickly and reacting to CFD opportunities.

Our engineers continue to develop EXN/Aero, promoting the benefits of computational fluid dynamics in a number of industries through affordable, accessible software.

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