Cloud based, on-demand, GPU powered simulations

Our automated regression test constantly checks model validation and functionality as we update our code and add new features.


Leverage powerful GPU and CPU resources to reduce your simulation times up to 20x without simplifying models or sacrificing accuracy.

Cloud Hosted

Run simulations using only a browser, from anywhere. Activate high performance super-computing resources on the fly.


Never pay for annual licenses or support contracts that sit idle between jobs. Only pay for simulation resources when you use them.

Validation CasesAccuracy is maintained by routinely validating against industry leading simulation cases.Learn more

Discover CFD: Learn how simulations can grow your business

See how simulations can improve your product, help to market your services to clients or improve overall product performance, by letting us take care of your simulation project for you. Envenio has a Discovery Program where we provide simulations as a service to help you grow your business.

  • Up-sell clients on simulation services
  • Use more simulations to improve designs
  • Run high resolution models for added value
  • Use simulations as a marketing tool for new clients
  • Predict performance of products or systems

We want a world where every engineering team can leverage the power of simulations. Learn what impact CFD can have on your business. You tell us what you would like to simulate, and we will provide the results along with design improvement recommendations.

Learn more

Adopt CFD: Let us help you adopt simulations into your business

Get up and running quickly with CFD through our Onboarding Program. Our engineers will work alongside you directly on your project while we train and support you through your first simulation, ensuring you get the most out of the platform, whether new to CFD or using the platform for the first time.

  • Learn fast with additional assistance on a project
  • Use our help however you need it
  • Improve your engineering productivity
  • Be successful right out of the gate
  • 20 hours of engineering & training time

We’ll help you with CAD cleanup, meshing, set up, simulating, and post-processing to achieve and evaluate the best results of an active project, so you’ll still be able to exceed expectations of clients and stakeholders.

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Use CFD: Affordable high-performance simulations with no headaches

Using CFD used to mean an upfront $30,000 – $70,000 license along with one or more high-end workstations. Open source options help, but there is no immediate technical support and they aren’t always a high-performance solution. Our high-performance pay-as-you-go solution enables:

  • Faster design iterations and reduced project times
  • Better project profitability
  • Elimination of compute system overhead
  • Using simulations for new applications
  • A competitive edge in winning new business

Whether it’s improving your current capabilities, reducing costs, or improving your competitiveness, EXN/Aero drastically changes what you can do with your simulation budget.

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Automated load balancing, Finite volume Navier-Stokes solver with algebraic multigrid, fully implicit scheme, mixed precision, steady-state and transient.

Mesh Types

Fully structured, Unstructured and mixtures. Tetrahedral, hexahedral, polyhedral, prism and pyramid.

CAD Support

IGES, STEP, Catia, SolidWorks, Pro/E, ACIS, NX/UG, and Parasolid.

Turbulence Models

SST, k-omega, SST-Detached Eddy, Large Eddy models, and synthetic turbulence.

Engineering Models

Energy, compressible flow, buoyant flow, conjugate heat transfer, ideal gas, porous media, particle transport, passive scalar transport.

3rd Party Mesh Support

CGNS files from the following: ICEM, enGrid, Pointwise, and GridPro.

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